What makes us the best choice

We listen, we discuss. We love what we do!

Cooking Line

By using the purchasing power of the Meriland Group of Companies, we are able to procure Food Service Equipment of the highest quality from some of the world leading manufacturers. We consult with all our clients on an individual basis prior to integrating their ideas into a visualized plan using Computer Aided Design (Auto C.A.D.) facilities that will satisfy their requirements and budgets. We have the facilities to design, install and maintain any type of Food Service Facility, from Institutional Catering, Fast Food Restaurants, Cafeterias, Hospital Meal Systems and Theme Restaurants.

Aside from planning for small Bakeries and Patisseries we are able to design for larger Bakery Plants, from Ovens, Retarders, Proffers, Dough Mixers, Dough Sheeters & Formers to even small Utensils. We also assist with recipes (through our Suppliers) to ensure that the most cost effective equipment selection is guaranteed to each of our Clients. To complement the Clients Patisserie, we offer a full range of Refrigerated Cake Display Cases and Soft Drink Coolers.

Refrigeration Equipment

We are able to design all types of pre-fabricated walk-in Coolers & Freezers for any type of catering facility. We ensure that the Panels and Refrigeration Equipment selected is suitable for the Gulf's High Temperatures. We also supply and maintain Reach In Refrigerators and Freezers for any type of application such as Food Storage, Soft Drink Storage, Cakes & Pastries, Milk, Eggs & Dairy Products, Ice Storage, Flower and Plants Storage, Bottle & Can Storage and many other uses.


We provide a range of warewashing equipment designed and built with the customer in mind. Our products deliver the most advanced technological solutions delivering maximum efficiency. We have a wide range of products in the warewashing roster which includes Glasswashers, Passthrough Machines, Utensil Washers, Conveyor Machines etc.